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  1. Shinzuki Aug 21, 2009

    Hihi! I love Visual kei and Oshare kei! Bou from An Cafe is really cute!

  2. Theru-Teru-Bozu Aug 13, 2009

    ohh my God! I love visual kei! I love Miyavi, Alice Nine, Girugamesh, An cafe, Versailles, Lareina and more!

  3. meanpunk7777 Jun 22, 2009

    i wish i could marry them their hot

  4. Mayis2008 Mar 05, 2009

    Visual is great!
    I specially LOVE the bands: D, Versailles, and of course the legendary Malice Mizer :)

  5. selemental Banned Member Dec 22, 2008

    Me likes the Gazette
    me likes the Nao and Shou
    me likes to affi

    :D I joined the group! X3 It ish awesome!
    Plz affi with the EMO group, heartless-nobodies! X3

    Thankies! :D

  6. midsummer Sep 05, 2008

    Ohmai, it's still alive. Haha. Buri, do your job mans :P *runs*

  7. meanpunk7777 Aug 16, 2008

    so far i can't tell who are guys or girls but there ansome any way

  8. 6Dark6Yuki6 Nov 17, 2007

    I like Miyavi o.o
    Hmm... another candidate could be Juka?

  9. burijetto Jul 25, 2007

    keekekeke....Hehe ^^


    Vo ;Inzargi
    Gt ;Ryouhei
    Ba ;Gou
    Dr ;Yuuta

    Guy's (Guise) Family

    Vo ;Kight
    Gt ;Shinobu
    Gt ;Reo
    Ba ;Kazutake
    Dr ;Takumi

    merged: 08-12-2007 ~ 06:33pm

  10. NeverEnd Jul 21, 2007

    sound like they don't come in that often already

  11. kokuyu Jul 19, 2007

    Btw, mind to affiliate with our Ayumi Hamasaki Fan Club? ayumi-fan :D

  12. rainshower Jul 17, 2007


  13. burijetto Jul 05, 2007

    LIKE OMG OME 0_0 YURA OF KRA READS or is it watch..whatever...DEATH NOTE.. KAKKOI... YURA .>w<

  14. kokuyu Jul 04, 2007

    lol...don't ask me, my fingers will surely point to Mana no matter what ^_^'

  15. midsummer Jul 03, 2007


  16. burijetto Jul 02, 2007

    Lets have a vote minna!

    For the next layout:
    #1> Kra
    #2> Kaggra,
    #3> Mana
    #4> Miyavi

    ..any other candidates?

    For the next featured:
    (If the group or solo-ist is choosen as the layout the second place for freatured will be the featured instead)

    #1> Miyavi
    #2> Baroque (Disbanded)
    #3> An Cafe

    ..any other candidates?

  17. kokuyu Jun 23, 2007

    seriously, even the MT admin is busy, and i estimate we might need to wait for a little longer (no offense to scare..... T_T )

    merged: 06-25-2007 ~ 08:03pm

    we have the first ever visual-kei band from China! XD

  18. midsummer Jun 18, 2007

    this is gonna turn into a nightmare...

  19. kokuyu Jun 18, 2007

    go call kra to save her XD

  20. norine07 Jun 16, 2007

    yup~ hee hee~

  21. midsummer Jun 10, 2007

    sooooo... i'm the only admin cause burijetto lost her password?!

  22. kokuyu Jun 10, 2007


  23. norine07 Jun 08, 2007

    hahax..! can tell~ XD

  24. midsummer Jun 08, 2007

    this group seems alittle dead?

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